September 24, 2023

30 Clever Kitchen Organization Ideas & Hacks for Small Spaces

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30 Clever Kitchen Organization Ideas & Hacks for Small Spaces

They say a kitchen is the heart of the home, which makes sense if you think about it. It’s a place you cook multiple meals a day in, you make memories in with your family, you pass down culinary traditions in, you create romantic date nights in and you teach your kids all about food in. So when it comes to how it looks, finding ways to keep it stylish, organized and clutter-free is important so that when you’re in your kitchen it’s a place you can enjoy.

That’s why we’re sharing 30 kitchen organization ideas below. Some of the ideas are simple suggestions on how you can arrange items, others are decorative ideas that will make your space look tidy and others are products that can help give you storage when you don’t have much space to work with. So no matter if you live in an apartment, a condo, a house or an RV, at least one of them will appeal to you.

Check out all of them and then try a few out. You’ll be surprised how a couple of small changes and products can help your kitchen feel more spacious and neat.

30 Kitchen Organization Ideas

1. Hang your cutting boards

Keep your kitchen counters organized and out of the way by hanging up all of your cutting boards. Just string the rope through the hole on your cutting board’s handle and then hang it on a rack with pegs.

2. Stick to one color palette

Instead of buying one pink spatula, one silver ladle, one gold spaghetti spoon and so on, pick a color and buy all of your cooking utensils in it. That way, if you choose to store them in a jar on your countertop, they will look cohesive. 
Silicone Kitchen Accessories Set, $44,

3. Use clear containers in your fridge

Want to fall in love with your fridge? Using clean containers to organize your produce will make it look so clean and tidy. Plus, they’ll help you easily find all your food.

4. Consider a rolling cart

A rolling cart is a great investment if your kitchen is tight on storage. This one is super thin so it can fit right up against the side of your stove or fridge and keep your bottles or olive oil and any other items you need on it. Yamazaki Tower Slim Rolling Cart, $145,

5. Use neutral-colored bins

When choosing containers and bins to put on display in your kitchen, go with neutral colors, like white and tan. That way, everything you buy will go together and look uniform when they are all next to each other on shelves and cabinets.

6. Get a cute coffee pod holder

Neatly arrange all of your coffee pods by flavors in a plastic container. They’ll be easier to access and look nice and neat on top of your countertop.
 Linus Coffee Pod Holder, $23,

7. Install tray dividers

Attention bakers, your bakeware won’t look messy any longer if you use tray dividers. They are all you need to section your muffin trays, cookie racks, cookie trays, pie pans and more so they sit on their sides.

8. Try using undershelf baskets

Maximize the vertical space in your kitchen with these undershelf baskets. They can hold anything from coffee mugs to apples to dishtowels. 
Metaltex Undershelf baskets, $13,

9. Display cooking ingredients on a shelf

If you have an open shelf above one of your kitchen counters, store some of your dry foods/ingredients on it in matching glass containers. You can put things like pasta, rice, flour, sugar, oats, nuts, etc. in them. If you want it to look extra organized, keep the things you pour into the containers all to the same color pallet.

10. Hideaway your dirty sponge and dish cleaners

A clean sink goes a long way in helping your kitchen look chic and organized. For a small price, you can get an adhesive caddie mount that fits your sponge and other cleaning supplies so you can attach it to the inside of your sink to eliminate them from being on display.
 3-in-1 Sponge Holder, Adhesive Kitchen Sink Caddy Sponge Holder + Brush Holder + Dish Cloth Hanger, in Sink Dish Sponge Caddy 304 Stainless Steel Kitchen Organizer Rack Basket

11. Use a dish rack stand in your cabinets

Your dish cabinet won’t be cluttered if you use a dish rack stand. It’ll let you store your dishes on their sides instead of one on top of another.

12. Invest in a pot lid organizer

Do you ever open one of your cabinets to get a pot lid and realize you can’t find the correct size? Having a pot lid organizer will prevent that from happening again. You’ll no longer have them scattered all over the place, and instead, have them all in one place.
 Variera Pot Lid Organizer, $7,

13. Use a silverware tray

One of the messiest drawers in your kitchen is probably your silverware drawer, unless you have a silverware tray. It makes a drastic difference because it keeps everything facing the same direction and different utensils from mixing with others.

14. Hang your pots

How trendy would your kitchen look if you had a ceiling mounted pot and pan rack? You can hang metals that mix and max or ones that are the same. Either way, they’ll create a cool vibe and also help you organize those items and give you more cabinet space as well.
 Sorbus Ceiling Mounted Pot Rack, $43,

15. Transfer your spices into matching jars

If you like to cook and have a cabinet that’s completely full of spices, chances are it’s not the prettiest place. Help organize it and give it a makeover by using matching jars. Just having ones that are the same size and have the same lid will instantly upgrade your spice cabinet’s appearance.

16. Put up a magnetic knife holder

Your knives are one of those items that can be relocated to give yourself more free counter space. All you have to do is get a magnetic knife holder that can be mounted on your wall. Just make sure you place all of your knives facedown for safety reasons.
 Powerful Magnetic Knife Strip, Holder Made in USA (Walnut, 14 inches)

17. Roll up you dish cloths

Forget about folding your dishcloths, roll them instead when you put them away. That way when you open the drawer, you’ll be able to see them all and they will look tidy.

18. Designate a spot for your KitchenAid attachments

If you have drawers that are full of all of your mixing gadgets, get this product. It’s made with KitchenAid Mixers in mind and lets you attach your flat beater, wire whisk and dough hook attachments to it. Talk about a baker’s dream.
 KitchenAid Mixer Triple Attachment Mount, $12,

19. Pour your soap into stylish bottles

Leaving a big Dawn bottle of dish soap next to your sink it’s exactly picturesque. However, if you pour it into an esthetically pleasing bottle it’ll make your counter top look stylish and organized.

20. Organize your water bottles

With summer here, chances are you are collecting water bottles left and right. Don’t let them take over. Having a bottle organizer will keep them from rolling around in your cabinets and will look terrific. 
YouCopia Upspace Bottle Organizer, $25,

21. Match all of your kitchen gadgets and decor

It’s not practical to have nothing at all sitting out on your kitchen countertops, which is why it’s important that everything that is matches. Having items that are the same color or color pallet will make your kitchen look and feel more put together.

22. Use a fruit hammock

If your home doesn’t have much counter space to have a fruit bowl out, don’t let that keep you from displaying your fresh fruit. Get a fruit hammock instead. It’s adorable and can be hung under your upper cabinets. The Original Macrame Fruit and Veggie Hammock, $20+,

23. DIY an elegant bar cart display

Increase your kitchen’s glamour while also organizing your alcohol with a chic bar cart. The secret to making it look magazine-worthy comes down to styling. Incorporating items, like a colorful book, some candles, a pretty figurine or a vase with your glasses and wine bottles will give it a fashionable appearance.

24. Plastic bag holders

If you’re someone who likes to reuse plastic bags, don’t just throw them in a drawer or cabinet—that creates a big mess. Putting up a printed bag holder is the perfect solution to keep them organized.
 Gray Plastic Bag Holder, $16,

25. Contain your Tupperware

It’s no secret that your Tupperware cabinet can be one of the most unorganized places in your kitchen. Help eliminate that problem once and for all by sorting your lids and containers into clear bins. Doing so will keep them together and from getting mixed up with other containers.

26. Buy a corner shelf

No nook or cranny will be forgotten thanks to this corner countertop set. It creates multiple levels on that you can display kitchen accessories on in a clean and cute way to help organize your room.
 Kitchen Countertop Organizer Corner Shelf – 3 Tier Bathroom Storage Display Counter Shelves Bamboo Spice Rack Desk Bookshelf with Hooks

27. Match your glassware

Opening up a kitchen cabinet to find all the different types of glasses can give off a messy appearance. To keep that from happening, stick with one color of glassware, like clear. Then no matter how many glasses or how many styles of glasses you have, they will look pretty and not cluttered.

28. Install a stylish paper towel holder

While leaving your paper towel roll on your counter isn’t the worst thing you could do, there is a more stylish way to display it. The most common way is with a paper towel holder. Finding one in a silver or gold shade will up its design factor and make it look sophisticated.
 theaoo Under Cabinet Paper Towel Holder for Kitchen, Adhesive Paper Towel Roll Rack for Bathroom Towel, SUS304 Stainless Steel Wall Mount, Both Available for Adhesive and Screws

29. Create a baking drawer

Empty out a drawer and make it your designated baking station. Then add in plastic containers so you can separate icings, sprinkles, cupcake wrappers and cake icing tips.

30. Put in lazy Susan shelves

If your wish is to have better access to what you store inside your cabinets, you need a lazy Susan that is designed to swing out. It allows you to easily store, locate and grab any food or dishware you keep inside.
 Kitchen Inventions Lemans II Set 2-Shelf Lazy Susan with Soft-Close for Blind Base Corner Cabinets (574 sq. Model 40, Tray Size: 12″, Swings Right)

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