December 1, 2023

Apartment kitchen ideas to make the most of a tiny space

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Apartment kitchen ideas to make the most of a tiny space

While apartment kitchen ideas offer plenty of charm they are often slightly awkward spaces, whether that be because they are on the small side, an unconventional shape, or part of a larger open-plan room. They can be tricky to get right.

And it’s so important that you do get this room right and there are few areas in our home which demand as much attention – the heart and soul of the house and the social hotspot. What we have found is, the best apartment kitchens are a balance between making the most of available space and creating a kitchen that reflects your personality and lifestyle. 

By thinking creatively about how to make the most of your floor plan and utilizing whatever countertop and wall space you have, you can make the most of even the tiniest of apartment kitchen and turn it into a space you enjoy cooking and socializing in. Be it a petite galley kitchen or just a single wall in an open-plan apartment, we’ve rounded up small kitchen ideas that maximize storage and efficiency to show what can be created no matter what you are working with.

Inspiring apartment kitchen ideas

1. Trick The Eye With Rosey Hues

Pink mid-century kitchen inside a n apartment

(Image credit: Pluck)

This small but beautiful pink kitchen renovation by Pluck plays with color-drenching to create a sense of space in what is a tightly packed apartment kitchen.