June 1, 2023

COVID rules lead to snowy mess from open windows

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COVID rules lead to snowy mess from open windows

BERKLEY — Last Saturday’s storm buried the region in up to two feet of snow, leaving a layer of white in all directions. The cleanup on Sunday, and into Monday, was challenging, for sure, but somewhat forgiving thanks to a light, dry, powdery brand of snow.

All in all, not the worst result in the aftermath of what equaled a record single-day snowfall in Boston.

But a storm of a different sort greeted some local students on Monday morning, as some unexpected drifts and piles leftover from the cleanup found their way into a number of Berkley school buses out on the morning route.  

COVID rules lead to snowy mess from open windows

Angela Ricardo, a parent of two Berkley students, received a series of concerning photos that morning from her daughter en route to Berkley Middle School, along with reports of students huddled together in seats in an attempt to stay warm with single-digit temperatures outside.

The snow was a new twist, but the cold was not, and it didn’t take long to find the culprit: open windows and roof hatches in step with COVID-19 safety and health protocols from the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE).