December 1, 2023

Detroit HVAC experts offer deep-cleaning duct advice for spring

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Detroit HVAC experts offer deep-cleaning duct advice for spring

“Not only can dust, germs and bacteria accumulate in corners and under furniture, but they can also grow in ventilation systems that aren’t properly cleaned,” said Dayna Hottle, general manager of C & C Heating and Air Conditioning. “Eventually, those ventilation systems can become overrun with mold and mildew to produce harmful irritants. It’s important to stay proactive and preventative with your spring cleaning and duct management, even in those hard-to-reach places.”

Here are three tips to ensure ductwork is cleaned properly:

  1. Start with vacuuming — For those who want to start the duct-cleaning process themselves, the first step begins with the vacuum cleaner. Apply the attachment to floor grilles and wall duct registers, and don’t be afraid to unscrew the grills and hose out the visible interior of your ducts. Remember to clean as thoroughly as possible to eliminate any and all contaminants.
  2. Replace the filters – Another small step that homeowners can do to ensure homes are receiving excellent indoor air quality is replacing the filters. Homeowners will never receive the full benefit of clean ducts if the HVAC filters are clogged with dust or other contaminants. Consider purchasing the highest quality filter recommended by the manufacturer to cut down on the dust in your home and better filter the space.
  3. Call in a professional — After these steps are complete, home and building owners should be aware that a full ductwork cleaning may not be finished unless you are willing to rent a hose and ozone generator. If the answer is no, then it may be time to call in a professional to finish the job. When the task is complete, not only will you have eliminated harmful irritants and bacteria from your house or facility, but you will have also increased airflow efficiency, prolonging the lifespan of your HVAC system.

“With proactive steps or even a simple phone call, you can save yourself, family or employees from harmful irritants that can build up over time,” Hottle said. “With the particulates gone, you can turn on the A/C and bask in the allure of spring without having to worry about the HVAC system’s cleanliness or efficiency.”

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Detroit HVAC experts offer deep-cleaning duct advice for spring