December 1, 2023

Experts Say It’s Time to Spring Clean Your HVAC System

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Experts Say It’s Time to Spring Clean Your HVAC System

At this time of year, it’s traditional to freshen up your living space. According to HVAC experts, your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems should also be included in your spring cleaning schedule.

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Murray, UT β€” (ReleaseWire) β€” 03/17/2022 β€” Culturally, the beginning of spring represents a fresh start. After a cold winter, the first signs of sunshine and flowers blooming bring a sense of hope and newness that reinvigorates, motivating people into action. Perhaps this is why the practice of performing a thorough house clean has become associated with this time of year.

Clearing up the clutter that’s accumulated over the year and intensively cleaning your house is a typical springtime task. However, not everybody knows that their HVAC systems should be included in this activity. In reality, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems also require regular maintenance, and the start of spring is an ideal time to address that.

As Good Housekeeping has said, “spring cleaning is all about tackling the areas you forget about during the rest of the year.” If you can incorporate HVAC maintenance into your spring cleaning schedule, industry experts say you’ll reap the benefits all year round.

There are good reasons to follow their recommendation. If an HVAC system is neglected, this will eventually affect how it functions. The harder an HVAC system has to work, the more owners can expect to pay in their energy bills. Given that NBC News has recently reported that energy prices are already soaring, a spring clean of your HVAC system could be one way to mitigate these increases.

Reducing energy consumption in the home isn’t just good news for the budgets of these homeowners. It’s also beneficial for the environment. Using less energy results in a decrease in power plant emissions and it helps to conserve natural resources. The environmentally-conscious have an additional motivation to maintain their HVAC systems this springtime.

It’s well known that looking after heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems can also prolong their lifespan. Rather than having to invest in replacements ahead of schedule, people can enjoy the ones they currently possess for a longer period. A regularly-maintained system is less likely to require repairs too, which serves as another time and money saver.

For those who are wondering what spring cleaning your system involves, advice is at hand. First of all, you should use your vacuum cleaner with its attachment and apply it to floor grills and wall duct registers. For a deeper clean, you can even unscrew the grilles to reach the visible interior.

If you’d rather task a professional with this job, contact your local HVAC engineer. They’ll ensure they eliminate any contaminants that are present, and they have specialist technology such as a hose and an ozone generator to thoroughly complete this task.

The next step is to replace your air filters. You should be changing these out regularly, depending on the type of air filter that you use. This is one of the easiest steps you can take to ensure that your home continues to enjoy good air quality. Again, if you’re unsure which is the best air filter to buy, you can consult HVAC services in your area.

It’s common to clear out unnecessary items while spring cleaning. If those items are around an internal HVAC unit, it makes even more sense to get rid of them. As Forbes recently reported, this “reduces air circulation in the immediate area, which is bad for system efficiency. Plus, clutter can become both a fire hazard and a trip hazard.”

Spring is often a time for green-fingered homeowners to get in their gardens. While there, they should definitely remove any plants or weeds that have grown around their external units. Clearance of at least two feet is crucial for these systems to operate effectively and efficiently.

When performing a HVAC system spring clean, it’s advisable to check for any unnecessary moisture around your units. This can indicate that repairs are required. Should any irregularities be observed, the best idea is to contact a specialist to come out and check the system.

The final thing that will be left to do is to adjust system settings to suit the imminent change in weather conditions. That will allow you to enjoy energy savings throughout spring and summer!

Industry insiders have sent a clear message: as you freshen up your home this spring and begin preparing for the summer months, make sure your HVAC system isn’t left out in the cold.

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