December 1, 2023

Getting a home inspection is important

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Getting a home inspection is important
Getting a home inspection is important

So, you just put in an offer on a home, and it was accepted. What comes next?

Most offers are made contingent on the outcome of the home inspection. It’s time to hire a home inspector. The real estate agent you are working with can give you recommendations, or you can choose your own.

When interviewing a home inspector, ask:

• How long have they been in the business?

• What is their fee for the inspection?

• What do they check?

• How soon will I receive my report after the inspection?

Once you hire a home inspector, they will review the property disclosure for your home that lists any flaws that the seller is aware of. The disclosure covers the presence of mold, pests, water damage, roof leaks, or foundation issues. When performing an inspection, home inspectors have three tasks: Identify problems they see, suggest fixes, and give a written report with photos depicting the issues they found.