October 3, 2023

How To Know If It’s Time For A New HVAC System by Brooke Skipper

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How To Know If It’s Time For A New HVAC System by Brooke Skipper

With the pop of ‘real’ winter weather that we have been having lately, there have been a lot of calls from customers with systems that are either completely broken or not functioning in the way that they should.  Unfortunately, many HVAC problems seem to occur at the most inconvenient time possible, such as a holiday or weekend.

This can add to the expense as well as the time involved, as it is sometimes difficult to obtain necessary parts outside of normal business hours.  The costs and the amount of downtime can quickly spiral, especially for those with older systems or newer systems that are in constant need of repair.

The question quickly becomes:  “Is it worth it to keep throwing money at a system that frequently breaks or is getting toward the end of its lifespan?”

The point is magnified after considering that, if a problem occurs during an adverse weather event, a hotel stay could factor into the mix, upping the necessary cost expenditure significantly.  Understanding that choosing whether to repair or replace a system is a major decision that many people struggle with, we compiled a list of ideas to consider:

  1. Costs – Staying within a budget is the number one item of concern for many home owners, and it’s not exactly a groundbreaking idea to state that paying for a new system does not align with what most people would call ‘fun.’  Of course, paying for a repair will not be as expensive as the cost of a new system, but when it gets to the point that it is necessary to frequently pay for repairs and the system is already on the older side, it may make sense (and cents, sorry) to go ahead and replace the system.

  2. Hassle – It can be a major inconvenience to put up with an older system that is in constant need of repair and/or one that struggles to maintain a desired temperature setting.  Being forced to leave the home in response to a weather event can also add to the hassle factor substantially, as mentioned above.

  3. Improved efficiency – Getting a new system installed could potentially result in an ongoing monthly savings, as most of the newer HVAC systems are much more efficient than older models.  This can help to ensure a more comfortable indoor environment as well.

Though it will always be cheaper to repair a system, when repairs are frequently required, it can start to feel like the money is just getting thrown out the window.  Many do not have the funds to pay for a new system out-of-pocket, so we offer financing options to help with the cost of purchase.  In some cases, financing a new system may not require a substantial outlay of cash.  Instead, an initial credit account activation fee and a monthly payment due at a later time may be all that is required to get the ball rolling and have a new system installed.

The result is that, in some situations, financing a new system could have less of an initial out-of-pocket cost than a necessary repair.  The thing to remember is that financing options can vary significantly person to person, and the cost for repairs can as well.  For a complimentary consultation about the financing options that may be available to you, or to have a professional visit your home to assess the viability of your HVAC system, call 910-777-3539.      

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