December 1, 2023

HVAC 911and Plumbers 911: Where emergency HVAC and plumbing services are 1- click away

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HVAC 911and Plumbers 911: Where emergency HVAC and plumbing services are 1- click away

By Tanna M. Friday, Sponsored Content

Spring is here. Now it the time to clear out the dust bunnies, check for wintertime plumbing damage, and prepare your HVAC system for warm weather. Some home maintenance tasks are perfect for do-it-yourself enthusiasts, while a trained and certified professional is the better choice for other jobs.

HVAC 911and Plumbers 911: Where emergency HVAC and plumbing services are 1- click awayHVAC 911 and Plumbers 911 is a contractor referral service employing highly skilled, highly trained service technicians who have gone through a rigorous training and qualification process and can be trusted to get the job done. All of our affiliated contractors area fully insured, bonded and licensed.

Technicians are capable of assisting you with heating and air conditioning needs, whether it is repairing an existing problem or replacing a unit. Other services provided air conditioning, boiler, furnace, and heat pump maintenance. In addition, Plumbers 911 are capable of helping with any plumbing needs, whether it’s repairing an existing problem or replacing a plumbing fixture. Other services provided include bathroom and kitchen remodels, gas line solutions, outdoor kitchens and showers, plumbing fixtures, and sub metering. Whatever your needs, HVAC 911 and Plumbers 911 will refer you to a reliable contractor, who is here to help.

Quick Tips for Maintaining HVAC & Plumbing Equipment

Chances are your home’s mechanical systems are showing signs of neglect after a long winter of pumping out heat and hot water. Spring is the ideal time to perform maintenance on your AC and plumbing systems ensuring they are ready for a busy summer. Put these tasks on your to-do-list and be prepared to hire a seasoned professional when DIY projects aren’t your strength.

  1. Inspect for leaks. After the fickle Alabama winter, it is wise to check the integrity of pipes and appliances inside your home. Boiler systems, pipes, and water heaters can develop small leaks that can impact system efficiency or major leaks that put homes at risk for water damage. Leaks aren’t always visible, so look for damp areas on flooring and drywall, and don’t disregard musty or mildewy odors. Leaky boilers systems and hidden pipes make create a hissing sound when air bubbles build. Cracked toilet seals can cause wood rot and mold growth in the subfloor. If you suspect Andy type of leak in your water heater or plumbing parts, shut off your home’s supply and immediately call Plumbers911 today at (205) 858-9589.
  2. Upgrade HVAC filters. Dirty filters slow down airflow and increase utility bills. Basic fiberglass replacement filters are the cheapest on the market, but it’s worth it to pay a bit more. Quality filters do a better job of safeguarding heating and cooling equipment and improving indoor air quality. Disposable electrostatic filters enhance IAQ by trapping tiny particles. High efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters offer best-in-class filtration and are recommended for occupants with asthma and respiratory disorders. Changing filters and cleaning coils will add life to your system and save you money in the long run. If you need a professional call HVAC 911 at (205) 551-0989.
  3. Have boilers and water heaters inspected. You may be used to flushing your conventional water heater tank, but it’s a good idea to hire a professional to inspect the device’s temperature valve, water tank and electrical connections. Tankless water heaters can develop scale buildup or have dirty water filters by the end of winter, impeding performance and reducing efficiency. Plumbers 911 can assign technician who can check for these types of issues and others during your maintenance checkup.
  4. Drain sump pumps. Use a wet/dry vacuum or utility pump to suction standing water from submersible sump pump pits; then remove dirt, gravel and debris buildup. This simple act extends your sump pump’s life span and elevates efficiency during spring storms and runoff collection. Plumbers 911 technicians can address sump pump problems that go beyond these basic steps. The average sump pump life is 10 years, so aging devices should be inspected as they near the decade mark.
  5. Don’t send too many cleaners down the drain. So we got your attention. Plumbing is very important to the safety of everyone as has been much emphasis on cleanliness recently. We now sanitize more than ever; however, there is one thing that must be considered that goes along with this – plumbing drainage systems need bacteria. With large amounts of soaps and sanitizers being sent down the drains, problems can occur and multiply. Although cleaning is good for health and home surfaces, sending cleaners down the drain doesn’t improve the quality. Proper plumbing installation and maintenance by licensed professionals help ensure that you and your family are safe from the bacteria in those drains that we need to do the dirty work.

With the sudden rise in utilities, paying close attention to small drips, leaks, and running toilets will save major bucks in the long run. Plumbers911 can provide you with service on everything from small leaks to major repairs. Additionally, while preparing for the warm days ahead and the need for cooler air, get ahead of the crowd and service your cooling system now, to avoid problems in the hottest part of the season. HVAC911 will provide basic inspections and service or complete change outs and upgrades.

Call HVAC 911 (205) 551-0989 or Plumbers 911 (205) 858-9589 today and schedule a checkup.

HVAC 911and Plumbers 911: Where emergency HVAC and plumbing services are 1- click away