November 29, 2023

Kalitta Motorsports, CMR Construction & Roofing announce major program for 2022

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Kalitta Motorsports, CMR Construction & Roofing announce major program for 2022

Kalitta Motorsports is once again expanding its marketing and business-to-business (B2B) relationship with Dallas-based CMR Construction & Roofing. 

Over the last seven months of 2021, the program grew from a major associate relationship to ultimately CMR sponsoring the Kalitta Motorsports B2B Summit in advance of the Charlotte NHRA national event in September and Shawn Langdon running a fully branded CMR Construction & Roofing Top Fuel dragster at the Las Vegas NHRA national event in October. 

This season, CMR will be the primary sponsor on Langdon’s Top Fuel dragster for six races beginning in Gainesville and including full branding in Charlotte, Bristol, Sonoma, Brainerd, and during the Stampede of Speed NHRA national event in Dallas. Additionally, CMR will continue to be the presenting sponsor at each of the Kalitta Motorsports B2B Summits.
“We got off to a great start in 2021 with CMR Construction & Roofing, and the momentum just kept building,” said Chad Head, Kalitta Motorsports general manager. “This program is a textbook example of how our business-to-business model shows immediate returns for our sponsors. We, CMR, and especially its CEO, Steve Soule, took advantage of every opportunity to network with our sponsors and NHRA partners over the back half of the season. They saw results and are growing their program with us.”

Kalitta Motorsports, CMR Construction & Roofing announce major program for 2022
CMR Construction & Roofing will have a season-long presence on all three of the Kalitta Motorsports race cars. When they are not the primary on Langdon’s Top Fuel dragster, they will have a prominent associate sponsor location. J.R. Todd’s 2022 DHL Toyota Supra Funny Car will have CMR branding on the rear quarter panel, and Doug Kalitta’s Mac Tools Top Fuel dragster will have CMR branding all season. The CMR logo will be included on all the team uniforms, and there will be company banners in the hospitality area and Langdon’s pit area.
“Our entire team at CMR is thrilled to extend our relationship with Kalitta Motorsports,” said Soule.” Since I started this company in 2002, we have always focused on growing through strategic relationships with partners we can trust to represent our brand proudly. 2021 proved that Kalitta Motorsports — including Shawn Langdon, J.R. Todd, and Doug Kalitta — is exactly the type of partner we want to work with. As we celebrate our 20th anniversary this year, we are excited to leverage this incredible opportunity to grow our B2B network and connect with many of the individuals who contributed to CMR’s success over the past two decades. We look forward to sharing a terrific 2022 season with our staff, partners, clients, and the Kalitta family.”
A vital element of this relationship is the hospitality program the two companies instituted in 2021. That will continue into 2022, with guests and employees enjoying the VIP racing experience at all 22 NHRA national events. Additional marketing elements will include specialty hero cards for the six CMR Construction & Roofing primary sponsor races, inclusion in the NHRA visor cam program at one NHRA national event, and Kalitta Motorsports will provide a CMR branded show car for the company to use at its major convention in Dallas in February.