May 25, 2022

Kitchen wall tile ideas – designer approved trends

8 min read

When it comes to kitchen wall tile ideas, this finishing touch is where you can make the biggest statement. The question is, how do you marry style and function, as wall tiles need to be able to withstand splatters of food and splashes of water. Or, if they’re being placed behind above an oven, potentially high temperatures. So we’ve enlisted the help of experts and designers who all know a thing or two about kitchen tiling, to get your creativity flowing. 

A hugely popular choice in kitchen design, tiles are beloved for their decorative possibilities and practical capabilities. But which should you choose? And where should you lay them? The sheer scale of options can be a little overwhelming. Thankfully, our experts are on hand with inspiring kitchen tile ideas and insider know-how to help you decide what will work best in your kitchen.