November 28, 2023

Local HVAC Company Replaces AC Units To Prepare For Summer

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Local HVAC Company Replaces AC Units To Prepare For Summer
Local HVAC Company Replaces AC Units To Prepare For Summer

Citizens of Glendora, California, know that summers, while beautiful, are also arid and hot. The summertime temperatures soar above 100 degrees with little warning, and reliable air conditioning keeps everyone safe and comfortable. HVAC technicians come to the rescue of locals when their air conditioning fails to work and won’t produce cool air. Sometimes repairs fix the problem, but if the AC isn’t viable or is too old, a replacement is inevitable.  

Start With the Age of the Unit

The average lifespan for air conditioners is around 15 to 20 years. A lack of maintenance and delayed repairs affect how the air conditioner operates, and if the owner allows the AC to run with failing components, damage is a certainty. Before an ac replacement is set up, a full inspection of the air conditioner is a must. HVAC technicians test each component and evaluate how each part performs. 

Test the Feasibility of Repairs

An inspection reveals all problems in the AC, and the technicians create a full estimate of the repair services. If the air conditioner requires several major components, the cost of the repairs is close to the expense of a new AC system. A bill for a few hundred dollars is expected when setting up major AC repairs, but if these costs reach thousands of dollars, repair services aren’t feasible.  

When Refrigerants Are No Longer Available

HCFC-22 or R22 refrigerant has been phased out by the Environmental Protection Agency as of 2020. The refrigerant is no longer in production now, and any AC that uses the refrigerant will become obsolete. Instead of trying to hoard supplies of the refrigerant, homeowners accept the inevitable and set up a new air conditioning installation. It’s best to schedule a service now than to wait until the hot California summer temperatures are inescapable. 

Calculate the Appropriate Size

HVAC technicians calculate the right AC size for the home by finding the area of each living space. The area of the living spaces is multiplied by 25 BTUs, and the service providers add up the total BTUs to calculate the right air conditioner for the property. Once the owner knows the size, it’s easier to find an efficient air conditioner to keep the home cooler throughout summer. 

Compare Upfront and Maintenance Costs

A price list for suitable air conditioners shows the homeowner what they can expect to pay upfront. A full estimate includes the labor and supplies, and HVAC technicians create itemized estimates for the customer to review all related costs.

However, after they start using the air conditioner, the homeowners must set up annual maintenance services to keep the AC running as expected. An estimate of maintenance expenses shows how much they’ll pay each year. A comparison between upfront and maintenance costs helps customers choose the most affordable product.  

Review the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio

The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio or SEER for the air conditioner denotes how energy efficient the product is. Federal laws starting in 2015 require all AC systems to have at least a SEER of no less than 14. The SEER for most units these days ranges between 14 and 25. This applies only to air conditioning installations that use ductwork and doesn’t include ductless AC installations. 

The product information shows customers the projected savings for each new AC. These details offer a well-informed decision for the property owner, and the manufacturer’s warranty instructions show how to maintain the air conditioner. As long as the AC is well-maintained, it provides many years of lasting comfort and cooler air.  

Advanced Technology in Air Conditioning 

Advancements in AC technology make the products more user-friendly. The latest AC products offer interactive controls, smart or programmable thermostats, and connections to communication devices. HVAC technicians connect the air conditioner’s thermostat to smart home systems to give the owner more control over their HVAC services.

Smart home devices give the owner remote access to the thermostat and other home features. They adjust the temperature in the home via a smartphone or tablet connected to the smart home device. Cooling savings increase if the owner adjusts the temperature when they aren’t home to a higher setting in the summer. The same device connections allow the owner to communicate with their family when the owner is away from home.  

Where to Get HVAC Services

Accurate Electric Plumbing Heating & Air performs comprehensive heating and cooling services to keep homes comfortable all year long. The company’s skilled HVAC technicians have experience with all makes and models of HVAC systems. Looking for a new air conditioning system? Set up a service call now. 

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