May 18, 2022

online platform ‘SOFA’ welcomes architecture & design into the NFT world

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SOFA as a world-first design community on the NFT blockchain


the way design and architecture is made, owned and collected is completely shifting with state of address (SOFA)- the world’s first design online community on the blockchain. using non-fungible tokens (NFTs), the melbourne-founded platform turns projects into digitally, but also physically unique sources that can then be sold for longer term gain. the approach is touching on the rising costs regarding engaging with architects, which are getting higher and out of arm’s reach for the average person or community. 



by turning design into tokenized and investable assets, SOFA enables creators, both emerging and established, to spread their production prices across the limited series and further receive royalties in perpetuity for good design. as the unfamiliar wave of digital architecture is signified, it can’t be denied that it equally opens a world of possibilities virtually. 

SOFA uses NFTs to turn products of architecture and design into tokenized and investable assets



SOFA enables designers to spread their production costs online


founded by four melbourne entrepreneurs – chris stribley, domenic cerantonio, AJ batra and anmol sekhon – SOFA sets out to democratize architectural designs and decrease the prohibitive costs of entrance to the end consumer by allowing them access to own one of a limited collection of projects. 



‘in australia, only 2% of all new homes between 2012-2021 were designed by architects – we hope that by reducing the cost to the end-customer, we can increase this statistic and improve the standard of living through better designing buildings and environments. with SOFA, prospective buyers will be able to shop through various design pieces till they find what they are looking for, purchase instantly and at a fraction of the cost. not only will architects and designers recoup their initial costs via the sale of the NFTs but then also receive royalties in perpetuity any time that design is resold in the future – creating a whole new economic model for them,’ dom cerantonio, renowned architect and co-founder explains.

online platform 'SOFA' welcomes architecture & design into the NFT world
SOFA sets out to democratize architectural designs and decrease the costs of entrance to the end consumer



the assets can be utilized in various mediums, including VR


the online platform launches on 27 february as a ‘membership pass’, where aside from being an exclusive community of 1,000 people, it provides members the valuable opportunity to purchase the latest architectural collections as they are released prior to the public markets. with its growth, SOFA plans to be the leading partner for the creatives seeking to tokenize their designs and provide utility for digital metaverse applications.  ‘members’ also receive VIP invites to it’s design and community events, including behind the scenes content and the ‘ask me anything’ series.



‘while it’s clear the “in real life” benefits SOFA can offer, what’s equally exciting is the untapped market opportunity for the digital spaces we’re all becoming accustomed to. each SOFA NFT aims to provide unique digital immersive environments that could be utilized in various mediums. think – VR based experiences and events to building the designs in metaverses such as ‘sandbox’ or ‘decentraland’ – the opportunities are endless,’ says anmol sekhon, blockchain specialist and co-founder.

online platform 'SOFA' welcomes architecture & design into the NFT world
the platform signifies a new wave in architecture and design for our physical environments

online platform ‘SOFA’ welcomes architecture & design into the NFT world