September 24, 2023

Peterman Brothers gives advice for a cooler, cheaper summer

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Peterman Brothers gives advice for a cooler, cheaper summer

“At Peterman Brothers, we want our customers to be comfortable without sacrificing tons of money on a high energy bill,” said Chad Peterman, president of Peterman Brothers. “While our families love spending time outside when it’s warm, almost nothing is more enjoyable than walking into a cool home after spending a day out.”

To help ensure Indianapolis residents get the best of both worlds, Peterman and the Peterman Brothers crew offer these tips for saving money during the summer months.

  • Use ceiling fans to increase circulation: Ceiling fans are a great way to help air flow circulate throughout a home. When coupled with an efficient HVAC system, it will help decrease the usage of the air conditioner while also consuming less energy.
  • Consider purchasing a smart thermostat: Installing smart thermostats are great for keeping a home’s HVAC system running efficiently. These thermostats regulate heating and cooling when homeowners are away. In addition, homeowners can control the settings from their smartphones or devices to increase savings.
  • Fix any cracks around the window: One could keep the air conditioning running all day, but it would be useless if there are multiple cracks around windows or doorways. These cracks will help cool air escape to the outside while also allowing warmer air to enter a home. Make sure all cracks are sealed to help reduce the strain on the HVAC system.
  • Keep curtains and blinds closed: Some areas of a house are more susceptible to heat because of the sun. When the sun is beaming in a room, it can make it more difficult to cool the house down. In areas like this, closing the blinds will help reduce the heat and decrease the need for the air conditioning to continue running.
  • Maintain a service schedule for the HVAC unit: A poorly maintained HVAC unit will be less efficient and cost the owner more money. If filters are not changed and the mechanical units are having issues, it could cause the system to work harder while providing fewer benefits. Keeping the unit maintained and serviced correctly will ensure it operates at optimal levels.

“We want our customers to experience all the joys that come along with warm days during the summer,” Peterman said. “By taking proactive steps to ensure your air conditioning unit is working optimally, we can all stay cool and comfortable inside our homes.”

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Peterman Brothers gives advice for a cooler, cheaper summer