November 29, 2023

Roanoke HVAC experts offer tips to ensure a home’s air conditioning system is ready for hot weather

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Roanoke HVAC experts offer tips to ensure a home’s air conditioning system is ready for hot weather

“No one wants their air conditioner to fail on one of the hottest days of the year, but the truth is that most units that break down will do so on the first hot days of summer,” said Ted Puzio, owner of Southern Trust Home Services. “If you have some technical background, you may be able to perform some preventative maintenance on your HVAC system to ensure it will meet summer’s demands, but most people need to schedule a service tune-up with a professional. Having a yearly checkup will keep your HVAC system running smoothly and can circumvent future mechanical issues by having the unit examined.”

Puzio said homeowners can also perform some modest maintenance that does not require an expert, such as:

  • Changing the filters: Whether a homeowner has a window unit, a portable air conditioner or an HVAC system, consistently changing the filters during recommended time frames can prevent future damage down the road.
  • Opting for a smart thermostat that maintains a stable temperature: A smart thermostat can be programmed to fit each household’s personal needs because it allows the homeowner to either adjust the thermostat when necessary or because it learns a homeowner’s schedule and curbs use when the home is unoccupied. However, homeowners should be careful not to overly adjust the thermostat because a sudden drop in settings can cause undue stress on the unit.
  • Clear areas surrounding the unit: Shrubs, debris and other items can grow or collect in or near the outdoor condenser. This can hamper the flow of air and prevent the unit from operating at peak efficiency.

“In addition to helping your system survive the hotter months, keeping your air conditioning unit in good working order will also maintain your warranty,” Puzio said. “A well-tuned machine is also more energy efficient and has a longer lifespan. With today’s high utility bills, anything that keeps costs down is a positive.”

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Roanoke HVAC experts offer tips to ensure a home’s air conditioning system is ready for hot weather