November 28, 2023

Save tons on HVAC repairs with

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Save tons on HVAC repairs with

With heating and air conditioning maintenance work accounting for nearly half of all home repairs in the United States, it’s safe to say that we cumulatively pay a lot to stay comfortable. With record-breaking heat occurring on a seemingly regular basis these days, having a working air conditioning unit is of the utmost importance. For New Yorkers and those who live north, we all understand how crucial heat is in the heart of the winter. 

These repairs that are so common can be affordable and then they can be life-shatteringly expensive. When problems grow so large that a replacement HVAC is necessary, you can be stuck with a bill between $5,000 and $9,000, roughly. For the majority of us who couldn’t handle this size of a headache, finding a way to prevent these types of repairs and replacements is key. is designed to help members do just that, and it’s surprisingly affordable to join. 

Save tons on HVAC repairs with

When you sign up to join, they will send you a hardware kit that is easy to set up. It will then monitor your HVAC system to predict breakdowns before they happen, and catch small problems before they grow into unfixable, unaffordable catastrophes. systems also detect water leaks before they cause too much damage, and provide health reports on your system with real-time data available via an intuitive smartphone app. 

Members even get their air filters tracked with notifications on the optimal times to replace them for the best-quality air with the least amount of allergens. When you order that new filter, you can even get special discounts on it through 

After you become a member, you will also get access to’s excellent team of service providers who can come out and make repairs, as well as HVAC technicians available through live chat to answer your questions online fast. This is all on top of 24/7 monitoring designed to save you from rough repairs and replacements in the future. 

Find out why this website and app is rated 5/5 stars in the App Store. Get started with for just $49 per hardware kit and only $8/month for a membership. Perks of membership include 24/7 emergency support, monitored water leak detection, and a lifetime hardware warranty.

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