September 24, 2023

Six Tips to Keep Your Home in Good Shape Throughout 2022

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Six Tips to Keep Your Home in Good Shape Throughout 2022

“Just like humans, many of the systems in our homes need check-ups and attention,” said Ted Puzio, owner of Southern Trust Home Services. “Whether it’s ensuring that the plumbing drains smoothly or the heat runs when we need it to, taking the time for some preventative care can keep our homes in good shape, make them more comfortable and lessen the need for repairs.”

Puzio said some good home maintenance tips include:

  1. Changing the air filters on the HVAC system regularly. Most filters last one to three months and should be changed often to keep the HVAC system running well. Put a note on the calendar or in your phone’s appointment book to remember to make the change.
  2. Making maintenance appointments for the home’s HVAC system, water heater and plumbing. Having a professional clean and perform checkups on a home’s various systems keeps homeowners informed of the status of these systems. This can prevent breakdowns during the times the plumbing, water heater and HVAC systems are needed most.
  3. Surveying the foundation. This isn’t something homeowners often think about but checking the foundation once a year for cracks, evidence of pests or other anomalies can prevent costly repairs further down the road. If the homeowner discovers something out of order, he or she should call in a professional to assess the damage immediately. A faulty foundation can destroy a home.
  4. Increasing fire safety awareness. Homeowners should test their fire alarms and their batteries twice a year. Many homeowners remind themselves to check the alarms and batteries on the dates of national time changes. In addition to checking the fire alarms, homeowners should check for hidden fire hazards such as overloaded extension cords, a dirty or unkept fireplace or old wiring.
  5. Checking the home for drafts. A draft can cause the HVAC system to use much more energy to keep the home at a constant temperature and is usually easily remedied. Homeowners can buy draft stoppers for doors and windows from a local hardware store or use caulk to seal small cracks. Chimneys need to be serviced often to check for both leaks and fire hazards.
  6. Cutting your home’s carbon footprint. Whether it’s switching to LED light bulbs, starting a compost pile or installing a smart thermostat, there is a variety of things homeowners can do to be more eco-friendly. A smart thermostat, for example, helps homeowners save energy and money because they better manage how the HVAC system is used.

“These are a few easy things homeowners can do to make 2022 a great year for them and their homes,” Puzio said. “These preventative measures could save you a lot of money and time spent on repairs in the long run.”

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Six Tips to Keep Your Home in Good Shape Throughout 2022