October 6, 2022

Taking Better Care of your Home

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Taking Better Care of your Home

Even though January is already behind us, it’s not too late to add one more New Year’s resolution to your list: “take better care of my home.” If you make the following improvements and maintenance items a priority this year, you’ll not only protect your investment, but also ensure that your home remains comfortable, safe, and attractive to future buyers.

Take care of your HVAC system

Furnace maintenance is critical if you want to extend the life of the system. Have a professional perform an annual service check in the fall before the heating season begins and complete your own maintenance during the rest of the year to keep your system in the best condition.

“The humidifier on the furnace has an evaporator pad that should be replaced every six months in order to provide optimal humidity to your home,” said REALTOR® Terry Frewen, broker and owner of Coldwell Banker Frewen Realty. “And the furnace filter also needs to be replaced regularly. A good rule of thumb is one month of life for every one inch of filter. So, if your filter is four inches thick, it should be replaced every four months.”