November 28, 2023

Why a whole-home humidifier is the right HVAC upgrade for you | Brand Ave. Studios

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Why a whole-home humidifier is the right HVAC upgrade for you | Brand Ave. Studios

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Winter is hard enough on you when you’re outside of your home — it doesn’t need to creep inside your home in the form of dry air that wreaks havoc on your skin and lungs. A whole-home humidifier — a relatively common add-on to a heating and cooling system — can ensure that it doesn’t.

As the seasonal chill remains in full effect, here are some key facts from Cardinal Heating & Air Conditioning about the pros of whole-home humidifiers and why one might be the right addition to your furnace.  

Humid air and health

According to the Mayo Clinic, low humidity can cause dry skin and irritation to the nasal passages, throat and eyes. Humidifiers work by releasing water vapor into the home, which adds moisture to the air and can help alleviate those symptoms.

The Mayo Clinic says the ideal home humidity is roughly between 30% and 50%. Those levels fall in your home during the winter months. Having a whole-home humidifier running through your heating and cooling system help increase comfort levels and humidity in your home. To measure your home humidity levels, reaching out to a professional is your best bet. You can also purchase a hygrometer at your local hardware store.

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Why use a whole-home humidifier vs. a portable humidifier?

Portable units require that you replace the water daily and they require more maintenance to stay functional and safe. The most obvious reason to get a whole-home humidifier versus individual portable units is that it isn’t as labor intensive. But the benefits extend well beyond not having to refill a water tank nightly before bed.

Your entire home will have optimal humidity throughout the winter months with a whole-home unit — rather than one or two rooms with a portable unit. A whole-home unit easily attaches onto your existing furnace or can be built onto a new HVAC system, so it is both unseen and unheard, which is seldom the case with an individual unit. A whole-home unit can add value to your home as well.

Whole-home units require little maintenance compared to individual units, which need cleaning on a near-weekly basis and frequently accumulate mold.

Dry air and home damage

Dry air can cause damage to your home and its furnishings. According to, problems that can be caused by dry indoor air include dried-out leather, shifting window frames and creaky floors. If you buy a whole-home humidifier, you can add value to your property. If you don’t, it might lose value. 

An added bonus: A whole-home humidifier can give your entire heating and cooling unit a longer life span. Static air is a potential hazard to your heating and cooling system. Maintaining proper humidity in your home eliminates the buildup of static electricity.

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